Finding Help and Love in a Lesbian Relationship

Being in a relationship is a great feeling. Having someone there for you through the good and bad times is priceless. However, relationships are not always simple and do require work and attention. Often times, the two people involved would rather give up than to put in extra time and effort to make the relationship work. Whether it is a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, all relationships need extra care and attention. For our purposes, lets examine lesbian relationships and some of the issues they may face as they try to find love.

When it comes to a relationship, many mistakes are made. Some actually learn and grow from making those mistakes, while others keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Dr. Lauren Costine offers lesbian relationship help through therapy and a new book written by her highlighting love addiction. Offering lesbian advice on relationships and how to cope when things go wrong are two areas that are highlighted in the book.

For lesbians, love addiction can mean different things. For some, it means jumping from one relationship to the next. For others, it can mean that the person is acting out sexually. And yet for many others, they may love the idea of falling in love. Once that feeling wears off, they are incapable of dealing with the day to day issues of a relationship. Whatever the issue may be, the point is to merge the feelings one may be experiencing so that they can be capable of having a healthy relationship. The book helps lesbians to understand the different issues that is keeping them from having a healthy relationship. Once the issues are found, they are able to cope and heal so that they grow from previous mistakes made so that one day they may find themselves in a loving and positive relationship.

Relationships are not easy and require work on a daily basis. However, they are completely worth it! Finding someone to share the ups and downs of your life is amazing. Everyone deserves to have that in their lives. Everyone is capable and is deserving of finding love.

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